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Make a Special Memory Last Forever

At BeFlowered we believe in utilising the power of spectacular blooms to convey the emotions felt by loved ones when words perhaps seem inadequate. With creativity at the heart of what we do, we specialise in providing a vast array of beautiful arrangements to honour the memory of those who have passed from casket sprays to simple, yet beautiful, posies. Our mission is to provide a unique touch of beauty and elegance to pay homage to those who have gone before us. With BeFlowered, you can trust that your loved one’s memory will be honoured in the most meaningful and heartfelt way.

Double-ended Casket Sprays

Our signature double-ended sprays provide the perfect floral arrangement to adorn the coffin; providing a beautiful focal point during the funeral or memorial ceremony. Our sprays are crafted with an assortment of fresh blooms, carefully chosen for their beauty, symbolism, and significance in honouring the departed and range from 1ft to 6ft in length. Our sprays are unique in that the stems are kept longer for you to put them in vases at home to extend the remembrance of your loved one for longer. Our customers tell us they find real comfort in this.

Starting at £70.00 (1ft)

(tear drop)
casket spray

Crafted with artistry, this personal and unique single-ended casket spray serves as a heartfelt expression of remembrance. The tear drop shape of the spray is meticulously formed, creating a gentle curve that symbolises the tender emotions experienced during this time and can be individualised with specific choices of flowers or left to us to pair and select the most exquisite blooms. Our tear drop sprays range from 2ft to 4ft in length.

Starting at £100.00 (2ft)

Wicker Coffin Flowers

To enhance the natural appeal of the wicker coffin, a tasteful array of flowers can be delicately arranged upon its surface in the form of a spray. complementing this can be a garland, typically made of intertwined flowers and foliage, which adorns the sides of the coffin and serves to symbolise eternity and unity.

Full Garland Starting at £224.00



Funeral flower lettering is a unique and personalised way to express sentiments, names, or messages using florals, specifically chrysanthemums. Each letter packed full of flowers to give instant impact with the option to adorn the lettering with an individual floral spray encapsulating your loved one's favourite or most cherished blooms.

Starting at £50 per letter

The Posy Pad

Our posy pad is crafted in a circular or cushion-like shape and offers a simplistic and elegant way of paying homage to your loved one. It's simplistic design along with our meticulous adornment of fresh blooms and foliage make for a beautiful tribute that can be of a variety of sizes depending on personal preferences and the intended use.

Starting at £55.00 (8")

Colorful Flowers

The Wreath

Our wreath floral tribute is a circular arrangement of florals and greenery typically seen as a traditional and symbolic tribute that represents eternity, continuity and everlasting remembrance. The tribute can be personalised from the incorporation of specific florals to the adornments and embellishments such as ribbon and messages. It is a ultimately a timeless and elegant way of honouring your loved one.

Starting at £55.00 (8")

The Heart

Crafted with utmost care and artistry, the heart floral tribute is an exquisite arrangement of fresh and vibrant flowers. Each petal is thoughtfully placed, delicately forming the outline of a heart—a timeless symbol of love and emotional connection. The choice of flowers for a heart tribute can include solely roses, known for their romantic symbolism, and often included to convey love and admiration. Or alternatively a unique and individual combination of blooms that are of special meaning to your loved one.

Starting at £55.00 (8")